GP workforce figures need clarification

Upon finding that the UK Statistics Authority was able to demonstrate how the government could claim GP numbers had risen since it took office, while Labour could insist they had fallen.


The National Association of Sessional GPs believes all of these figures are futile because they exclude locums. This is a point that remains unaddressed by the UK Statistics Authority.

GPonline, a website which shares exclusive information regarding GP stats, has revealed that problems filling GP training posts could continue well into 2015 due to administrative confusion that may have cost young doctors the chance to apply.

Candidates reported problems in applying for 2015 trainee posts after the General Practice National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) claimed their competency documents could not be used to support their application, despite its own guidance to the contrary.

These complications come at a time when chronic shortages of GPs are rife. GP reported earlier this year that a third of practices have at least one vacant GP post. Meanwhile, almost 400 GP trainee posts remain unfilled as 2014 ends, despite an arduous efforts to boost numbers.