NHS wastage costing more than NHS cures

Locating money to pay for the NHS is a headache for every chancellor, with an ever-ageing population as well as an increasing number of young families, it seems there is no end to the demands placed on the health service.

NHS could have prevented £2bn waste

NHS could have prevented £2bn waste

The alteration in the nation’s demographics means that by 2037, there will be 3.6 million over-85s. This is twice the amount of over-85s Britain has currently, and is already struggling to care for.

The NHS costs every individual £2000 annually, that totals to £100 for every £1000 earned by people. In exchange for that money, the nation is provided with cheap healthcare in comparison to neighbouring European systems.

The finger is now being pointed at the mismanagement of the NHS, this comes following the revelation that paracetamol bills cost the NHS £80 million every year, for which 22 million prescriptions were written last year at the average cost of £3.67 per prescription. Yet, the same drug can be found at a convenience store for less than 30 pence.

In addition to this, a recent study identified that the NHS wasted £2.3billion annually, due to situations that could have been avoided. That means that this wastage was optional and preventable.

Sir Philip Green, billionaire boss of Topshop and Next, highlighted many key areas for improvement in 2010. He said he would go bust if he ran his businesses the way the Government does.

The NHS faces extreme scrutiny as the elections approach hand in hand with the winter weather and the alarmingly high demands for health care.

As different political parties offer different solutions to help dig the NHS out of it’s increasing deficit as time goes on.