Total Assist Group Attends the 2014 NAMPS Conference

Total Assist, just like every year, attended the 2014 NAMPS conference at the Royal National Hotel in London.

This was the nineteenth Annual Conference of Namps

Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director of England, has stated ‘the provision of seven day service’

NAMPS-imageAs the NHS continues to move toward routine services being available seven days a week the conference focused around what the changes would look like, how this could be achieved and most importantly for NAMPS members the challenges this will mean for medical HR Personnel.

We then listened to various speakers which included Dr Phil Moss, Clinical Director and Emergency Medicine consultant for A&E and Acute medicine at St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust.

Caroline Harburn, NAMPS sponsorship coordinator said “The 19th NAMPs conference was one of the best yet and I must give my thanks to all the sponsors who always make  a major contribution to its success (Including Total Assist ) . It is very productive for NAMPs members and sponsors to  both  learn about the others business and the conference is an ideal forum. I hope the 20th conference will be even better  and I look forward to seeing Total Assist there as always!”

Without a doubt, the 19th NAMPS conference was a great success and we are looking forward to attending again next year.