Want to work as a trainee recruitment consultant?

Offering succinct, complete and interactive recruitment training is something that not every business can provide, yet here at Total Assist Group, we make nurturing future talent a real priority, to ensure that our company will continue to flourish and grow over the years. One way we achieve this is with our dynamic academy programme – an intensive eight to nine week course that gives new recruits the building blocks upon which to base a successful career as a recruitment consultant within Total Assist Group.

Fresh from the training room, new recruits Nathaniall Jarvis and Amy Turner give the lowdown on what they think of the Total Assist Group’s academy programme…

Nathaniall Jarvis

Nathaniall Jarvis

Why did you want to work in recruitment?

Nathaniall: “I was told in a careers interview that I would be ‘so good in recruitment’, so I decided to chase it and find out more.”

Amy: “I knew a few people who worked in this industry and have heard a lot about the role. I thought that it would suit me. I’m very ambitious, not scared of hard work but can also have fun when its appropriate.”

Why did you feel Total Assist Group would be a good business to work for?

Nathaniall: “When I came for my assessment day and experienced the sales floor for the first time, I really liked the way the staff operated, where everyone helps everyone else. It’s very much a family environment.”

What do you like most about the academy programme?

Nathaniall: “I liked that we had Grant (CEO) and Justin (Chairman) and all the directors always coming in the training room to help us out. I also felt the way Sue (Learning and Development Manager) teaches is so unique; it has really helped me get the confidence to be able to do this job.”

Amy: “I feel that the academy is a great introduction and preparation for the job. There’s a lot to learn, but it’s taught in a fun way. Also it eases you into the environment, so by the time you come out onto the floor you already know a few faces.”

What top three things have you learnt from the academy programme?


1)      Always pay attention to everything anyone is saying to you

2)      Do not be afraid to ask a question

3)      No question is a stupid question if you are unsure of the answer

Amy Turner

Amy Turner


1)      I really enjoyed learning about different communication skills. I feel like it’s something I can take into many aspects of my life

2)      I feel that the doctors’ grades have been massively useful for obvious reasons

3)      And lastly the way hospitals are run

How have you found working on the sales floor?

Nathaniall: “I’m not going to lie; it is a serious amount of work and pressure. At the same time, every single person on the sales floor is willing to help – everyone from the doctors’ team to compliance and client accounts.”

Amy: “It’s great, there’s lot of noise, and you have to have a good ear to pick up the things that are being said around you.  It’s a buzzing environment with a very fast pace. There is never a dull moment.”

Describe working in recruitment in three words.

Nathaniall: “Fast, energetic, pressurised.”

Do you enjoy the company culture at Total Assist Group?

Nathaniall: “I love it. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Amy: “I do, it really suits my personality.”


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