What makes sales people more effective?

sales people

Many people consider selling more of an art than a science, as it is important that you master negotiation, persuasion and a keen communicative nature to ensure that you pitch both your company, brand and what is on offer succinctly and successfully. Interesting new research from the Harvard Business Review investigated people analytics, looking at what factors directly linked to and influenced whether a salesperson was a success.

They found that being an effective salesperson could be linked to three key things:

  • Spending enough time with clients and candidates
  • Having a large and healthy network within your company
  • Spending time with and receiving attention from your line manager or senior management

I can see all of these aspects at work within Total Assist Group to create successful sales people, and here’s how.

Spending time with clients and candidates

Undoubtedly one the most key aspects in becoming an effective salesperson is the time you invest in building solid and personal relationships. Clients and doctors alike are on the hunt for a recruitment company who are credible, understand their needs, and who will address questions and concerns speedily and competently. We can 100% provide this, but they won’t know that unless we take the time to let them get familiar with us as people and us as a company.

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Forging rapport and bonds with NHS trusts and medical staffing departments is crucial for our Client Account Managers, as if we are trusted and reliable then we are more likely to be the hospital’s first port of call when their schedule needs filling. The same for the Recruitment Consultants working with locum doctors – the relationship needs to be nurtured and developed so that out of all the agencies out there, we are the first one that springs to mind. Delivering excellent customer service is one aspect, but really putting the time in to get yourself and the business known by our clients and candidates is all important.

Having a large and healthy network within your company

This is absolutely vital, especially if you practice 180 recruitment like we do here at Total Assist Group. We have numerous teams that look after the wealth of working locum doctors within our pipeline, whole desks of people dedicated to the various specialties for example, Medicine, A&E and Obs & Gynae. As well as the doctors side, we have an extensive Client Account Management team, who work directly with the NHS trusts, hospitals and private clinics across the UK who seek our services and wish to hire our experienced doctors to cover their shift requirements. There is also the Compliance side, with the guys in this team wading through paperwork to ensure nothing is missed within a doctor’s documentation.

Every single person within each team has to network and get to know people around the office and across a multitude of departments since they have to liaise with each other so closely on a daily basis. When problems crop up, you need to know who is the best person to tackle the issue, or who is armed with the right expertise and you will only know this by networking and having an understanding of your colleagues and the part they play in supporting the business. By networking successfully, you will also have a good relationship with these individuals, so they will be more likely to help you out of a tight spot if need be.

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Spending time with and receiving attention from management

As CEO of Total Assist Group, I know that myself and the other leaders within the company have an impact on the day to day dealings. We form the main point of contact for any problems or issues that need resolving and we are also consulted upon for any important company decisions or branding conversations. What we also offer is a deeper understanding of the company as a whole, helping staff to understand what Total Assist Group can really offer, explaining and promoting the company visions and goals. We can help employees see past the single transaction they are working on and instead see the bigger picture, where a continuous relationship can be formed with our clients or doctors and how we can grow from this.

Team leaders are also in place to provide training and guidance to new starters or academy graduates, as well as assist and support current members of staff. We take professional development very seriously, so the people higher up the hierarchy in our business really do give back and ensure that any member of staff can work up the career ladder if they so choose.

[testimonial name=”By Grant Finn” who=”CEO of Total Assist Group” imagelinks=”https://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Grant125.jpg” vertical=”no”]”I have worked tirelessly at Total Assist Group for over 10 years now. I have overall responsibility for executing the continuous growth strategy of the company.”[/testimonial]