Will MPs vote to right NHS wrongs?

A private member’s bill that proposes undoing the awful excesses of the NHS reforms created by Andrew Lansley, has gained some weight.

New bill re-reforms NHS

New bill re-reforms NHS

“The bill wouldn’t repeal the entire Health and Social Care Act. But it cuts the heart out of it. It would repeal some of the worst elements of it that impose market forces on the NHS,” explains the MP for Eltham in south-east London.

The above school of thought has gained momentum as other clauses are also in repeal, but the results remain to be seen.

Lord Owen, ex-labour health secretary is just one of many who believe the new bill is constructive and imaginative. The bills daringly re-examine some of Lansly’s worst decisions regarding the NHS, such as inviting US health firms to directly compete with the NHS, which could result in the NHS becoming obsolete.

It seems a useful bill regarding the NHS has finally been created, but whether MPs will vote in it’s favour or not remains to be seen.