Do’s and don’ts when working as a locum doctor

There are many benefits to working as a locum doctor – increased flexibility, independence and pay being just a few of the highlights – but why not check out our list of do’s and don’ts for some more practical advice?

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  • Nab yourself a set of scrubs for each hospital trust you work at – you want to make sure you have some in your size handy
  • Always carry your own roll of micropore
  • Take your own lunch to avoid spending money on hospital canteen food
  • Obtain copies of your occupational records and your hepatitis B / HIV records before you register with us – it just helps make the process quicker
  • Ensure you ask a couple of friendly doctors from your current hospital trust to act as your references
  • Keep an up to date portfolio
  • Build a strong relationship with your Recruitment Consultant so that we can offer you exactly what you need and want
  • Make sure your timesheets are signed by the correct consultant to avoid delays in payment
  • Get an authorised claims form if your hospital trust are paying your travel expenses
  • Ensure you park legally in the hospital – no-one gets latitude for illegal parking and neither hospital nor agency will foot the bill
  • Make sure you are dressed smartly and professionally, following the dress codes of the hospital you are working for
  • Ensure you have photographic ID or an agency ID badge with you when you start your shift
  • Speak to other doctors and refer them to your Recruitment Consultant – this way you can be sure to benefit from Total Assist’s reward schemes


  • Feel pressured to take shifts that you don’t want
  • Work back to back shifts – you will need to sleep well to maintain a high standard of care
  • Have unaccounted gaps in your CV

Be Advised:

  • If you stay late, you may not get paid for extra hours beyond those you have been confirmed for.
    NB: We would only encourage working late in an emergency situation.


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