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Flight Club points are awarded to every working locum doctor, working through and on behalf of our organisation.  All you have to do is keep putting your timesheets through Total Assist Group companies. And best of all, every hour that you have worked since January 1st 2014 has already gained you, our valued locum, ‘Flight Club Points’. So, work with us to achieve full compliance and enjoy all the benefits that brings…


[accordion][toggle color=”white,green,blue,purple or black” open=”yes” title=”What is the Flight Club?“]The flight club is our loyalty scheme offering our locums rewards for their loyalty and hard work through Total Assist.[/toggle][toggle color=”white,green,blue,purple or black” open=”no” title=”How Do I Collect Flight Club Points?“]Flight point can be redeemed once at any time only with a fully compliant file, redeeming points in blocks of 200 at a time.  Points can ONLY be redeemed against flight tickets[/toggle][toggle color=”white,green,blue,purple or black” open=”no” title=”How it Works?“]For every hour you work through Total Assist Group we will credit your account with an equivalent number of points to be redeemed against a flight you wish to take.  E.g. If you submit a timesheet for 35 hours, 35 points will be added to your flight club total.[/toggle][toggle color=”white,green,blue,purple or black” open=”no” title=”How Do I Join?“]You are immediately enrolled in the flight club once you register with our company and have a fully compliant file.[/toggle][/accordion]


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