Quarterly Awards

Total Assist is a leader in the Medical Recruitment sector; we aim to make all employees feel rewarded for their hard work and efforts as much as possible. Every 3 months, our Quarterly Awards takes place to make our team feel appreciated for achieving outstanding results, encouraging growth or for being an exceptional team member. […]

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79% of whistleblowers are being bullied

Can an open complaints culture be achieved within the NHS? Campaigners are still striving for a more open whistleblowing culture for NHS staff, as employees wishing to raise complaints are continually coming up against problems, such as bullying. Despite public inquiries recommending the promotion of whistleblowing, campaigning group Patients’ First believe that a ‘culture of fear’ […]

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Should doctors specialise?

Medical workforce undergoing change Health Education England are planning to transform the NHS workforce within the next two years, with some specialist training being scrapped. Jo Lenaghan, director of strategy and planning at the HEE has revealed to the HSJ that the £5 billion budget would be adjusted to create new jobs that used “less rigid […]

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