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Total Assist understand that the very best candidates may not have a recruitment background, but they do all have some things in common; a passion for supporting others, the enthusiasm to learn and the drive to succeed as a highly effective Specialist Recruitment Consultant.

A career with Total Assist provides an investment in your personal and professional development from your very first day.

A Great Opportunity

Total Assist’s innovative training academies last up to 12 weeks and are both individual and group-based. We support all new Trainee Recruitment Consultants with a comprehensive and exciting working introduction to the day to day activities of the role and the specialist sectors we serve.

As an Academy Trainee you will receive coaching and mentoring whilst you work towards undertaking the full role of a Recruitment Consultant. You will be working in the lively, supported environment of the Academy, alongside other new recruits. This enables you to experience life as a Recruitment Consultant at Total Assist whilst developing your knowledge and skills.

The Academy is a paid training period and if successful you will graduate to one of our many teams and your own desk as one of our highly skilled consultants. You will have the ability to earn your basic salary plus uncapped commission and other benefits.

Case Studies

Below are a few insights from some of our best and brightest who have come through the academy process…


Nursing Recruitment Consultant

“Stability in my role allowed me to move into my own home after 6 months of being employed at Total Assist…

The excitement and buzz of the job outweighs the hard work…

My biggest achievement has been completing the Leadership Training; Every session was different, really engaging and it has helped me develop in my team, as well as my career…”


Medicine Recruitment Consultant

“Total Assist has helped my career progress. I’ve been able to reach goals that I never thought I would be able to… Total Assist has allowed me to afford a Mercedes C250…

With hard work and determination you will able to see benefits in both your personal and work life… 

Once you get on the Trading Floor everyone wants to help you. That’s an atmosphere I like to work in…

The Academy Training still helps me 4 years on… The In-House Management Course allowed me to progress within my career, as I know I’m able to coach and lead new starters…”


Client Account Manager

“I have been employed at Total Assist for 18 months now I have been able to pass my driving tests, buy my first car and have three holidays; in the last 6 months, I’ve been to Austria, Portugal and Greece.

The best part of the Academy is the role-play. You walk in thinking you can’t do it, but after practice it prepares you for being on the desk and speaking to candidates.

The people I work with help make the job more interesting…”

Tolu & Randy

Surgery Recruitment Consultants

“Working in Recruitment leads to friendly competition which results in great friendships…

When I started at Total Assist I had little to no experience in recruitment and the medical sector but I embraced the new challenge… 

When starting in recruitment the first challenge is; find a Medical Professional; Second, get them compliant, and Third, book them into work. Don’t over think the process for yourself…

On the Academy, one thing that helped me develop was the tips and tricks that the Senior Recruiters taught me…

My greatest achievement was being awarded Best Newcomer in October 2016; I felt rewarded for all my hard work…

I’ve been able to go on more high quality holidays as well as having the freedom to spend money as I knew I could afford it… I can live to my full potential and never have to worry about supporting myself financially…

However, I still work Saturdays and late nights now; it’s something that helps me stay successful…”

The Process

Academy Diagram 1

If you are interested in applying for a position on our next academy please send us/upload your CV by clicking here

A member of our Recruitment Team will review your application and give you a call to discuss in more detail. Remember it is not essential that you have previous sales or recruitment experience but you must be confident, resilient and eager to learn!

Academy Diagram 2

Following a successful telephone interview you will be invited to attend a Group Recruitment Event at our head office in Romford, Greater London. This event is designed to give you more information on what it’s like to work at Total Assist and what you might expect on a day-to-day basis. This is achieved through the use of individual and group based activities that will allow you to show us how you might respond in real life work based scenarios.

Don’t be alarmed – we also like to have fun at the same time. From icebreaker games, role-play scenarios, to creating your own recruitment agency and even what you might take with you if you were stranded on a dessert island!

Academy Diagram 3

If you have successfully passed the Group Recruitment Event and displayed the behaviors and traits that we look for in our Trainee Recruitment Consultants you will be invited to attend an interview. Here we will work through your CV and ask any additional questions we might have. At the same time this is also your opportunity to ask any final questions.

Academy Diagram 4

Following your interview you will receive a call from our Recruitment Team with feedback. Even if you have not been successful we will provide you with balanced feedback that will allow you to understand where you did really well and where you may have fallen slightly short.

If on the other hand you have been successful – congratulations! You will be offered a position on our next Training Academy which normally starts within a week or two.

Apply Now

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